The Grapefruit Diet

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There are so many different types of diets around but the grapefruit diet has been around for ever. The grapefruit is a wonder fruit.  It tastes great.  You can make it into juice, eat it fresh or add it to salads. And the good news is that it is high in fiber but low in calories! As well it has tons of Vitamin C.

How Does the Grapefruit Diet Work?

GrapefruitAll you need to do is eat half a grape before each and every meal. Evidently there is an enzyme in the fruit that will help reduce appetite so you actually end up eating fewer calories.  Sounds easy, right! There is some indication that it also helps to speed up fat burning so you can get rid of those extra pounds.

Something tells me that it is not that simple.  I think in order to make this diet work you can’t continue eating high fat and sugary foods. You will need to adjust your diet so you are eating whole foods, lean meats as well as other fresh fruit and vegetables. And a little exercise wouldn’t hurt either.

Let’s not be fooled into thinking that just eating a grapefruit before each meal is going to mean smaller numbers on the scale. There are many reasons someone is overweight and there are more things that we need to do to melt the extra weight.

We need to take a look at why we are overweight and what changes are needed to change the numbers on the scale. Most of us don’t get enough exercise and most of us probably eat too many processed foods.

Taking on some exercise can be as simple as spending twenty minutes a day walking. Walk around the block, take the stairs or go to the gym and get on the treadmill.

There are some simple changes that can be made at meal time as well. Bake or broil meat, steam or grill vegetables. Learning to cook at home rather than ordering in take-out or microwaving some precook, packaged food is what it is going to take to get in better shape. Not only will your waistline get thinner but your wallet will thank you. Buying processed foods or take-out can get very expensive.

When thinking about what to eat for a snack try some fresh fruit or vegetables. Add some fresh fruit to low-fat yogurt. Even having a handful of nuts is better than a chocolate bar!

Try to monitor your appetite and stop eating when you are full.  Most of us don’t even know what that feels like.  Eat half the food on your plate, take a five minute break and see if you are still hungry.  If you are then finish what you have on the plate other wise, putting it in the fridge for another meal is better than continuing to eat when you don’t need to.

One little important tip to keep in mind is that often we are really thirsty and not hungry.  Have a glass of water or a cup of tea and then see if you are still hungry.  Often you will find that is really what your body needed.

Perhaps the Grapefruit Diet is not such a bad idea. Certainly eating a grapefruit before the meal is better than eating fried foods or bread.  It just needs to be taken into consideration with all the other food you eat along with adding a moderate exercise program.

Grapefruit Diet

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