Eating Plan

eating planDo you have someone in your life that can eat all the ice cream and chocolate they want and they never seem to put on any weight? You on the other hand only have to look at these foods and your hips suddenly have an extra pound or two! Not fair you say.

The reason is your metabolism. The engine that burns calories for fuel each and every day of your life. How would you like to increase your metabolism and eat like your friend?

It is possible!

A little thing called genetics plays a role in how much fat is burned in your body. As well age, your body weight, the food you eat and exercise all play a role.

As we grow old, our metabolism slows down. Also our muscle mass diminishes especially if we don’t work at keeping it up. As a result trying to lose even a few pounds can be a major challenge.

What does all this mean? It turns out that we end up burning about 100 fewer calories a day when we reach 35 than when we were 25 years old. With a few strategies there isn’t any reason why we can’t have the same metabolism we had at 25 into our 40’s and beyond.

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How to Keep Your Motor Running Hot!

There are several things we can do to keep our metabolism in good shape. One is with strength training and other is with interval training.

Added to the mix is having the right eating plan. This means eating five or six times a day!

No Cutting Calories!

The worst thing you can do to lose weight is go on a low-calorie diet. Your body will actually go into a defensive mode in order to protect itself when you reduce the amount of calories you need.

Your metabolism will actually slow down because it believes you are starving and will need to preserve your fat reserves so you can survive until the next meal comes along.

Eat Breakfast!

I know, Mom was right. Eating breakfast gets your metabolism started first thing in the morning. Studies have shown that people who eat breakfast actually lose more weight than people who don’t eat breakfast.

Your metabolism slows down during sleep and then needs some food to get it started again in the morning.

Eat Your ProteinEat Your Protein!

Again research has shown that eating good quality protein can actually boost metabolism. The result; burning an extra 150 to 200 calories.

Don’t just think all you need to eat is protein. You should make sure that your diet is balanced with vegetables, whole grains and fruits as well.

Eat Your Carbs!

When most people think of carbs they think of bread, cakes and cookies. Those are the kind of carbs that will actually add weight.

You want to eat carbs such as vegetables, fruits and some grains that won’t increase insulin which also promotes fat storage.

Eating All Day Long!

Yes, you want to eat. Eat at least five to six mini meals a day. Eating every two to three hours will keep your metabolism humming along. The other up side of eating regularly is that you won’t get hungry and be tempted to binge on fattening foods.

One rule of thumb: don’t go more than four hours without eating and make sure each meal has some protein. Your metabolism will work better.

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