Interval Training

Research has shown that spending less time in the gym and using high-intensity exercise with low-intensity recovery period actually increases fat burning than any other form of exercise.

For example, you might do a fast jog for about one minutes and then walk for two minutes. You would repeat this five times for a fifteen minute workout. Sounds simple! It is and it is effective.

We all have busy lives, so being able to fit in some exercise on a lunch break for even first thing in the morning before work is what most of us are looking for in an exercise plan.

The American College of Sports Medicine, in a 2011 study, showed that in two weeks of using interval training, aerobic capacity improved that would have taken six to eight weeks of endurance training to get.

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Burn the Fat!

Interval training will not only burn calories but that effect of this kind of exercise turns on your metabolism so you actually burn more fat in a 24 hour period than you would using any other form of exercise.

Not only will you be getting rid of fat on your body but you will also improve your cardiovascular system. A study found that people doing interval training could bicycle twice as long eight weeks later than they could before they started this training.

No Equipment Required!

There are lots of ways to incorporate interval training into your exercise program. You can run, bike, jump rope or even do some fast walking. Or if you prefer to use equipment the treadmill, stair climber or elliptical machines will all work well too.

Increase Your Metabolism

The good news about this form of exercise is that not only will you burn fat but your muscle mass will improve. As well it stimulates the production of your human growth hormone (HGH) which is responsible for burning calories. Since this hormone slows down with age, getting involved with interval training can only improve HGH production!

Do it Any Where!

The good news about interval training is that you can do it anywhere. Do it at home, do it at the gym or do it when you are traveling in a hotel room. This simple form of exercise gives you maximum results for a short amount of time.