Strength Training

Like most people you probably believe that the best way to burn fat as well as lose weight would be to do at least thirty minutes of aerobic activity using exercise equipment such as a stationary bicycle, stair climber or treadmill.

You probably also think you will need to do these exercises at three times a week, or even more to get the results you want. This has been the thinking for decades.

You will find all sorts of exercises experts giving this advice. They even tell us that we should exercise in our target heart rate for a minimum of 30 minutes!

What if all this information is wrong? What if you have been not only wasting your time but actually hindering your chances of getting the body you want?

There has been a lot more research done recently on the science of weight loss. What that research has found is that this kind of aerobic activity is not the best way to lose weight. In fact, it doesn’t increase your metabolism which is what you need to burn fat on your body.

The problem with this kind of exercise is that you won’t be able to build a lean, firm body. The only kind of exercise that will do this is strength training.

The Reasons Strength Training Works

What if I told you that doing low-intensity aerobic exercise for long durations of time actually makes your body replace the fat you lost during the exercise? It does this so it has reserves after your workout has finished so it has the more for your next exercise session. Completely the opposite of what you are trying to accomplish!

More important, this type of exercise also trains your cardiovascular system to be more efficient. The result, it shrinks!

This means that your heart and lungs have gotten more efficient at their work, but it also means that your ability to handle stress has been reduced. The problem with this is that stress is a major contributor to weight gain!

In order to burn fat, you want to be able to challenge your body especially your heart and lungs so that you get stronger, deal with stress better and reduce fat on your body. You want to turn on your metabolism!

How to Lose the Fat

The best way to get the fat off your body is to make your metabolism work better. The better it works the more efficient your body becomes like a fat burning machine.

The best way to get your metabolism to work better and for you to be fit and have the body you want is through strength training.

You will get stronger, build some muscles and in the quickest time possible, lose fat.

When you stimulate your body using strength training your body will call upon the stored body fat for energy. The good news is that this fat burning will continue all day long.

This kind of exercise is easy to incorporate into your life because you will only need to do two to three sessions each week for 30 to 40 minutes. Build your muscles, burn the fat! It is that simple.

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